Lymphatic Waste Disposal

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There’s no glamour in waste disposal. The lymphatic system is one of those modest workers quietly doing its job in the background. It keeps your body uncluttered by mopping up everything your veins cannot transport. When it works well, you feel and look younger, other systems of your body work better and you’re less likely […]

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The Coconut Water of Teas: Cloud Pass

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If you are struggling in the heat and especially if you crave the cooling, sweet and velvety taste of coconut water, I have something to add to my Summer Tips article:   Try ‘cold-brewing’  Cloud Pass tea!   Cloud Pass is an organic, wild-harvested white tea with a peachy coloured licqour and meadow-sweet flavour.   […]

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Barley Water

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Some say that barley water is the secret to long life. It’s been rumoured that the Queen of England drinks it daily.   Barley water can be a refreshing summer drink or soothing to help the body during convalescence. According to Ayurveda, it is an excellent diuretic and recommended as a home remedy for urinary […]

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Settle the Winter Worries

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Tomorrow is Blue Monday.   Apparently Blue Monday isn’t based on the results of in-depth research, but instead on a calculation by a British holiday company, based on current weather conditions and debt levels. But the idea caught on, and many dread this day. It appears that winter harbours more stress, anxiety and depression than […]

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It’s Winter… Detox Gently!

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If you feel you need to recover from the holidays, I wrote this for you.   Was your 2016 intense? Have you over-indulged or got stressed over Christmas? Maybe you made some resolutions you now regret, to start the year with a radical detox, a fasting cleanse or an extreme diet change and much exercise? […]

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Home Care Tips for Morning Sickness

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I have seen spectacular improvements in patients with morning sickness who came in for acupuncture. These are some of the suggestions I make when looking to give home care advice: Eat more often. Eat something, anything, just nibble a first, even if it’s only carbs you can tolerate. As you begin to feel better, you […]

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Better Sleep – the Natural Way

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Sleep re-charges your body and is important for your overall balance, health and productivity.   In clinic I see many patients with insomnia and sleep disturbances. In your consultation, I will ask how many hours you sleep, when you go to sleep, whether you have problems falling asleep, staying asleep (and if you wake up, […]

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Puerh Tea for Metabolic Syndrome: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity

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Did you know there is a medical term for diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity together? Metabolic syndrome. It affects as much as one in four adults in the UK, increasing their risk of heart disease, stroke and other conditions affecting blood vessels.   The most common symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome are: increased waist […]

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Press here… if you feel stuck

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Taichong (Great Rushing) will get things moving! It’s one of the most important points to counteract stagnation, stuckness, lack of flow, which can give rise to physical or emotional problems. Try it for headaches, menstrual cramps, bloating, PMS/PMT, muscle tension, eye problems, hayfever, stress, impatience, irritability.   Find it Move upwards from the space between […]

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Treat Back Pain without Painkillers

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Back pain is said to affect about one third of the adult population each year, one of the most common complaints seen by GPs. It is the UK’s leading cause of disability and one of the main reasons for work-related sickness absence. It currently costs the NHS and community care services more than £1 billion […]

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