Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is recognised as one of the oldest methods of healing, with references in medical texts nearly 4,000 years old. I have qualifications and several years experience working with these modalities, which I may combine and tailor to a client’s needs and the treatment plan agreed.


Touch is nurturing and nourishing. It can be helpful to use massage therapy in conjunction with acupuncture, added to the same session (for example, to start moving stagnation before inserting needles for energetic balancing). In other cases, a separate massage session may be just what you need.


Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage and Trigger Point Therapy


Highly effective in releasing physical and mental tension, massage can help you become and remain more productive and face whatever life has in store for you. For some it’s pampering, for others it’s a necessity to help them function, especially when they place high demands on themselves, be it a high pressured office job, physical activity or caring for a sick relative. Caring for yourself will allow you to function at your best. You wouldn’t run a high performance car on an exhaustible quantity of cheap fuel.

Natural ‘Face Lift’ Massage


can be enjoyed on its own or combined with a back or foot massage. Some of it is even included with your cosmetic acupuncture facial. It may sound like a beauty treatment, hence it’s generally more popular with women, but it can be incredibly powerful to release tension in your face. The face is the part of us that meets and greets the world first, by which we’re judged, and which we have or want to keep under control. Imagine the benefits of taking a break from all that.

Thai Foot Massage


Also known as Thai Reflexology, it is a very effective treatment of the feet and lower legs. It will increase circulation, encourage lymph flow, improve flexibility and help you manage stress by bringing energy to your feet when you’ve been ‘spending too much time in your head’. Clients have also found it beneficial for better sleep (including minimising jet lag), digestion and the management of headaches.

Thai Foot Massage in my interview on Brooklands Radio, October 2012 :  

shutterstock_90514324 (foot massage)


Classic massage, face or foot massage, or two of these combined £58
Extended session combining two/three of the above or a full body massage £73