Terms and Conditions

Once a written or verbal booking has been accepted by Chobham Acupuncture, the client/patient will have entered into an agreement to have treatment, based on these Terms and Conditions. The fee for the treatment will be deemed due accordingly. The term treatment is used for sessions of all therapies detailed on this website.



Payment for treatment is due in full at the end of your session, in cash or by card. Payment for packages is due in full at the end of the first treatment of the package.


Treatment packages are tailored to be taken within a certain period of time, which may differ by package. You are advised to schedule your whole treatment plan when you pay for a package, to make sure that you can fit in all treatments of a package within its validity. Unless these sessions are booked in advance, there is no guarantee that your practitioner will be available. If you don’t take all treatments within the set time, the applicable discount no longer applies and you are only entitled to non-discounted treatment sessions equivalent to the amount paid. These sessions expire six months after the first treatment of the package.


Refunds or partial refunds for packages are not applicable, unless the package is cancelled by your practitioner, in which case the amount corresponding to the standard price of the sessions taken until that point will be retained.



If for any reason you cancel a treatment within less than 48 hours notice, the full treatment price remains due for the reserved time slot. This fee is payable within 7 days or at the next session, whichever is earlier.


When a cancelled session is part of a discounted prepaid package, the entitlement to that particular session from the package is lost.


Should you run late for an appointment, your practitioner may not be available beyond the time slot reserved for you, and in some cases it won’t be feasible to start the session. If at all possible, please inform your practitioner of any delay. Your session may be cancelled if they haven’t heard from you within 15 minutes of the agreed appointment time.



Health and wellbeing are the responsiblity of the individual. Advice and treatments provided by Chobham Acupuncture are complementary and not an alternative to conventional medical opinion or treatment. Your only ‘diagnosis’ will be from a classical Chinese medicine point of view and your treatment won’t claim to ‘cure’, but to bring about change which can help your body to heal itself.


There are few contraindications to the treatments offered by Chobham Acupuncture, and they don’t always mean that a treatment cannot take place. During your initial consultation you should inform your practitioner of any medical conditions they have and those you suffered with in the past, and provide updates at subsequent sessions if any of the discussed aspects change. It is your responsibility to check with your medical practitioner in case you suffer from a condition and/or are in doubt whether to have treatment.



During your treatment consultation you will provide relevant personal information relevant to maintaining our patient-practitioner relationship and used for tailoring your treatment. This information will be kept confidential, stored securely and maintained accurate by updating it as advised by you.


You may request that we issue a copy of the personal information held about you. Provision of such information will be subject to the payment of a processing fee (currently £7.00) and two forms of identification, within 10 days from receipt of suitable forms of identification. Chobham Acupuncture may withhold such personal information to the extent permitted by law.


You may occasionally receive information and updates from Chobham Acupuncture, in which case you will either have agreed in advance to your information to be used for marketing communications, or be given an opportunity to opt out. Your information won’t be disclosed to others without your prior consent.