Bone broth

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Bone broth is popular in many cultures around the world. It’s easy to make, tasty, packed with nutrients and easily digested.


Although it can make a great base for a soup, bone broth is designed for healing and not as a main dish, and is meant to be drunk from a mug, like a cup of tea. In New York you can even buy takeaway bone broth in a cup, just like you’d get coffee or tea. Click here if you can’t believe it.


In Chinese medicine, we work with Yin and Yang. Soups and broths are linked to Yin, the Water element, and are especially beneficial in Winter. Bone broth is an acupuncturist’s top home care advice for nourishing the deeper Yin of the body. Common signs of a Kidneys imbalance are: dark shadows under your eyes, lower back pain, ‘bad’ knees, issues with bones and teeth, ear problems and being prone to fear or depression. The Kidneys in Chinese medicine are the root of Yin and Yang, linked to the function of the adrenals, our bones and teeth, hair, body fluids. They store our Jing. Jing is our vital essence that is the root of all Qi in our body. We receive our Jing as an inheritance of energy from our parents, and it is finite, but we can supplement with the elements of a balanced lifestyle. Including bone broth!


You will benefit from having bone broth at almost any time, but especially when you:

  • are sick, recovering after illness or surgery, or when in need of an immune boost,
  • feel tired or run down for any reason, be it work (physical or mental), exercise or play,
  • want to support the healing of bone fractures or manage arthritis or bone degeneration,
  • need to build up strength and stay strong to cope with an intense lifestyle,
  • are trying to conceive or are recovering post partum,
  • suffer with dryness and need more than water to supplement moisture in your body,
  • want to maintain your youthful appearance.

The Chinese don’t mix the different types of bones, but have separate broths for different purposes. Click here for three simple recipes from pork bones, chicken bones and beef bones, which, made in order for one week each, can support the healing of bone fractures.


My favourite is chicken broth, and I make it with an onion, a few carrots, parsnips, celery sticks and a chicken carcass/chicken drumsticks (in the absence of chicken feet). The secret is to add a small amount of vinegar. You’ll have to boil it for a long time, to get more minerals out of the bones. If you make plenty you can freeze small portions to warm up and drink when you like.


And if you don’t get a chance to prepare it yourself, you can now order nutritious organic bone broth from Osius.



Note: other fantastic foods/drinks to help your Kidneys are: seaweed, coconut water and adzuki bean tea.


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