Press here… for nausea

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NeiguanPericardium 6 Neiguan (Inner Pass) is a point that can help for all kinds of nausea – motion sickness (sickness bands actually stimulate this point), morning sickness in pregnancy, nausea from food poisoning, stomach bugs and even nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This point can also be helpful in situations of stress and anxiety.


Find it

It’s an easy point to locate, on the inside of the wrist. Most of us have two tendons running along the centre of our inner arm, and the point is between them, upwards from the wrist the breadth of about three fingers (like in the picture) or two thumbs.

Apply acupressure

The easiest is to apply pressure with the thumb of your other hand. You can support the back of your wrist with the other fingers of that hand. Position your finger on the point to make contact. Apply some pressure (it doesn’t have to be much) and hold the point, then release.

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