Far away points

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Why do acupuncturists use points so far away from the centre of the body, and often far from the site of the problem? If you’ve been wondering why we needle your foot to help your headaches, it’s not because we can’t tell one end from the other. Read on.


Two explanations:

  1. Western medical research has shown that the further from the brain and the site of the problem stimulation occurs, the stronger a reflex to the subcortex will be. Sensory nerves are near the end of their pathway near the brain, and motor nerves at the beginning of their pathway at the extremities. Have you noticed how sensitive your nerve endings are at your extremities? If you feel any ache in acupuncture, it’s likely to be at the tips of your fingers or toes (but no worries, it should settle fast).
  2. Chinese medicine recognises that the hands and feet are the most physically active parts of the body, hence they will have more energy flowing through them, for us acupuncturists to tap into. This is also where the energy of one channel changes to the opposite polarity of the following channel. This means unstable, dynamic energy, strong in action.


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