I tried acupuncture, but…

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…it didn’t work for me.


We hear people say that they tried but it didn’t help them, yet for thousands of years acupuncture has helped so many. Those it works for often have the following in common:

  1. They recognise that most times it doesn’t happen over night*. The imbalance wouldn’t be there in the first place if it was easily resolved – the body would have resolved it by itself. Expecting to be ‘cured’ straight away is like expecting to no longer be vitamin deficient after taking one vitamin pill. People who benefit from acupuncture take the right dose. Work with your acupuncturist to understand what that is for you. Too few treatments or too far apart can make you feel like you’re back to square one and think that it doesn’t work. Some people move from one therapy to the next in this way and end up believing that nothing will ever help them.
  2. They bring enough for their acupuncturist to work with, so to speak, or do their part to improve that baseline. Acupuncture doesn’t add anything to you, it simply triggers and/or increases your self-healing capacity by releasing blockages, enabling flow or re-directing energy. This is why you need to have some energy to begin with. Yes, acupuncture can help boost your energy, but if your practitioner gives you home care advice such as nutrition, acupressure or exercise, treat it as an important part of the process.
  3. They tend not to do things that may sabotage their treatment. It’s easy to fall back into old habits or to overdo it as soon as we start feeling better. But, for example, if your condition is caused by overwork, you will need to find a way to bring some balance into your life, or you will struggle to improve. Be careful not to take two steps back while you’re taking one step forward.


*A very interesting article, written by Lynn Jaffee: Chinese Medicine is Slow Medicine.



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