Press here… for headaches

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Large Intestine 4 Hegu (Joining Valley) is a point even people who never used acupuncture may be familiar with. It is famous for headaches, cold or flu symptoms like sore throat, chills and fever, runny nose, sinus issues, rhinitis, sinusitis, diziness etc., generally the so-called Wind conditions. In classic texts it is mentioned for disorders of the head and face, ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and teeth – sometimes referred to as command point for the face.


Find it
Between thumb and index finger. It is often a sore spot.


Apply acupressure
The point will be sore with pressure applied, and can be pressed to the point of soreness. Apply pressure for a couple of minutes on the side where the problem is, or on both sides if not side-specific.

CAUTION  this point is contraindicated in pregnancy.

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