Is there medicine in the needles?

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There is no medicine in acupuncture needles. The ‘medicine’ is within you.


What does this mean? How does acupuncture work?


I won’t outline the whole foundation of Chinese medicine, don’t worry. Instead, I’ll share with you a simple explanation by acupuncturist and author Matthew D. Bauer. This is all you need to know: acupuncture works by enhancing the body’s own healing resources.


Our bodies have a natural ability to balance and restore their health and wellbeing. Isn’t it amazing how a cut heals by itself? Sometimes, however, a problem occurs that appears to be beyond the body’s ability, so we resort to medication or surgery. This could be the only way forward, by no means discard it. Work with your medical practitioner. But also keep in mind that, when a problem persists, especially when the symptoms vary, it doesn’t always mean that your body isn’t working on getting better. It might just not get 100% of its self-healing potential. If this can be boosted sufficiently with acupuncture for the body to get the upper hand on the problem, you should see improvement.


A better assessment of the likelihood for acupuncture to help you can be made after an initial consultation, where the details of the problem, overall health, lifestyle, medications etc will be discussed. How your body responds to treatment further shapes your diagnosis and treatment. And last but not least, an essential component to treatment success is your commitment and involvement as a patient (click here to read about what the people acupuncture works for often have in common).


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