Press here… to calm the mind

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Yin TangYintang (Hall of Impression) is acupuncture’s ‘chill pill’. It’s commonly used for insomnia due to overthinking, agitation and anxiety. It’s also a popular point for things going on around the head, like frontal headaches, nasal congestion and discharge, sinus pain and nosebleeds. It can also help eye disorders, dizziness and vertigo.


Find it

At the midpoint between the two middle ends of the eyebrows. At the ‘third eye’!


Apply acupressure

For insomnia, agitation and anxiety, press firmly for 1-2 minutes. It may help to close your eyes and breathe deeply into your abdomen. For pain in the head, you can combine acupressure to Yintang with acupressure to Hegu (but keep in mind the latter is contraindicated in pregnancy).


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