Home Care Tips for Morning Sickness

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I have seen spectacular improvements in patients with morning sickness who came in for acupuncture. These are some of the suggestions I make when looking to give home care advice:

  1. Eat more often. Eat something, anything, just nibble a first, even if it’s only carbs you can tolerate. As you begin to feel better, you will be able to tolerate better quality foods. And have protein with every meal, but especially at night and even whenever you wake up if possible. Some might even set an alarm to eat a small snack with protein every four hours. It doesn’t have to be animal protein. Consider legumes, recommended by nutritionist Karen Hurd, click here to read the article. Bone broth is also a quick source of protein. Keep in mind that your nutritional needs might have changed with pregnancy, click here for an article about foods in pregnancy.
  2. Drink electrolytes, especially if you habe been sick and need to re-hydrate. A good quality coconut water (unoco maybe) could do the trick or have a look at home made one.
  3. Try acupressure for nausea, try Nei Guan, it could make a big difference to how you feel. Or wear a sickness bracelet, put it on before nausea hits, on the spot stimulating Nei Guan


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