Press here… if you feel stuck

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Taichong (Great Rushing) will get things moving! It’s one of the most important points to counteract stagnation, stuckness, lack of flow, which can give rise to physical or emotional problems. Try it for headaches, menstrual cramps, bloating, PMS/PMT, muscle tension, eye problems, hayfever, stress, impatience, irritability.   Find it Move upwards from the space between […]

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I thought raw food was good for me

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You’ve just embarked on a healthy diet – salads, juices, smoothies. Why does your acupuncturist look concerned?   There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods in Chinese medicine. Some foods are just more or less appropriate for an individual at a given time, in a particular climate. A young and healthy individual living a carefree, […]

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Fight holiday bloating

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The best tip to avoid bloating is to avoid eating too much at a time. But with Christmas feasts approaching, that tip alone might be difficult to follow. So here are some more tips, some with a Chinese medicine slant.   Bloating in Chinese medicine is linked with the Spleen system (if you’re curious, watch […]

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