Press here… if you feel stuck

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Taichong (Great Rushing) will get things moving! It’s one of the most important points to counteract stagnation, stuckness, lack of flow, which can give rise to physical or emotional problems. Try it for headaches, menstrual cramps, bloating, PMS/PMT, muscle tension, eye problems, hayfever, stress, impatience, irritability.   Find it Move upwards from the space between […]

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How to use a neti pot

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In India, neti pots have been used for centuries and are still as popular as toothbrushes. They have also become increasingly popular in the West. Doctors recommend nasal irrigation after nasal surgery. It is meant to help prevent bacteria, dust and chemicals from entering the body and causing irritation or infection.   I discovered jala […]

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Press here… to calm the mind

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Yintang (Hall of Impression) is acupuncture’s ‘chill pill’. It’s commonly used for insomnia due to overthinking, agitation and anxiety. It’s also a popular point for things going on around the head, like frontal headaches, nasal congestion and discharge, sinus pain and nosebleeds. It can also help eye disorders, dizziness and vertigo.   Find it At […]

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Press here… for headaches

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Large Intestine 4 Hegu (Joining Valley) is a point even people who never used acupuncture may be familiar with. It is famous for headaches, cold or flu symptoms like sore throat, chills and fever, runny nose, sinus issues, rhinitis, sinusitis, diziness etc., generally the so-called Wind conditions. In classic texts it is mentioned for disorders […]

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