It’s Winter… Detox Gently!

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If you feel you need to recover from the holidays, I wrote this for you.   Was your 2016 intense? Have you over-indulged or got stressed over Christmas? Maybe you made some resolutions you now regret, to start the year with a radical detox, a fasting cleanse or an extreme diet change and much exercise? […]

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Sweet cravings

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Have you ever wondered why you have a sweet tooth? Sweet cravings can range from mild and harmless to out of control. Some patients in my clinic say, ‘I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t stop’. If they suddenly drop sugar, they get withdrawal symptoms like tiredness, anxiety or even depression, and ultimately […]

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I thought raw food was good for me

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You’ve just embarked on a healthy diet – salads, juices, smoothies. Why does your acupuncturist look concerned?   There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods in Chinese medicine. Some foods are just more or less appropriate for an individual at a given time, in a particular climate. A young and healthy individual living a carefree, […]

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Fight holiday bloating

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The best tip to avoid bloating is to avoid eating too much at a time. But with Christmas feasts approaching, that tip alone might be difficult to follow. So here are some more tips, some with a Chinese medicine slant.   Bloating in Chinese medicine is linked with the Spleen system (if you’re curious, watch […]

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